Kamungoma Mate, Head Trader

Kamungoma Mate

Head Trader

Kamungoma Mate joined Stockbrokers Zambia in 2013 as Securities Trader before becoming Head Trader in 2014.

Pamela Kando, Securities Trader

Pamela Kando

Securities Trader

Pamela Kabamba Kando is a Securities Trader with SBZ involved in engaging international and local investors.

Maxime Harlaar, Securities Trader

Maxime Harlaar

Securities Trader

Maxime is a Securities Trader with SBZ focusing on engaging both local and foreign retail and institutional investors.

Stanlas Jere, Finance Manager

Stanlas Jere

Finance Manager

Stan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy from the Copperbelt University and is SBZ’s financial controller.

Dick Samona, Management Accountant

Dick Samona

Management Accountant

Dick joined SBZ in 2014 as Management Accountant.

Hope Zulu, Accountant

Hope Zulu


Hope is the Accountant at SBZ. She began as a Securities Trader and later joined the Accounts department.